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Keyword kw: coffee or tea and house+(keyword searches, publication year, ISBN, geographic codes, map data, and all the information found in the Author, Title, Notes and Subject indexes)

Access Method am: www oclc org (or) oclc (omit http://, and use spaces instead of any punctuation or special characters)

Accession Number no: 37993343 (OCLC)

Author au: saint-arroman(use single quotes around ‘le’ and other words that are operators;operators supported in FirstSearch: Boolean search operators, parentheses, proximity operators, wildcards; operators included are le, ge, it, gt, n, near, w, with, and, or, not)

BC year bc: 500

Character Sets Present vp: hbr(three-letter language code)

Corporate and Conference Name cd: canadian

Descriptor de: voice disorders

Dewey Class Number dd: 998.900

(index deletes and collapses spaces and punctuation, except periods)

Form/genre ge: novel

Gov Doc Number gn: y4p9610w292(omit spaces and punctuation) I

Institution Record Call Number (for libraries that have enabled searching Institition Records) nu: E185.61.B79141988

E185.61*(omit all spaces and additional text except periods for each subfield of data provided; sometimes the data displayed actually comes from more then one subfield; truncating the search can make sure all types of data entry are retrieved; this index does not support browsing)

ISBN isbn: 3196311821 or 31-9631-182-1 9780763625894 or 978-0-763625-89-4

(search with or without hyphens)

ISSN issn: 0000-0019

(use hyphens)

Journal Source so: Time

(finds title of host item from various fields, depending on database

Language of Cataloging Description ll: chi

Language of Work ln: kw:coffeehouse* and ln:japanese

(browse the index for a complete list of languages)

Library and Archives Canada Class Number rvm: sf209.5

(index deletes and collapses spaces and punctuation, except periods)

Library of Congress Call No. lc: hd9000.6

(index deletes and collapses all spaces and punctuation, except periods)

Material Type mt: DVD

Music Number mu: has19832

(concatenates all punctuation and spaces up to a dash or double hyphen)

Musical Composition mc: jazz

Named Corporation and Conference nc: world conference on women

Natl AG Lib Call No ag: sf223.w47

(index deletes and collapses spaces and punctuation, except periods)

NLM Call Number lm: hv4915

(index deletes and collapses spaces and punctuation, except periods)

Notes/Comments nt: translation-adaptation

Personal Name pn: lemaire

Publisher pb: Ballantine

Report Number rn: epa 000275057

(omit punctuation and retain spaces)

Series Title se: emb report

Standard Number sn: 1097461x or 1097-461x 1550463160 or 155-0463-160 9780763625894 or 978-0-763625-89-4


(for all searches, hyphens can be included in the search or removed; for the LCCN number, only the number used for storage, with the year and then six digits with leading zeros for unused digits, is indexed; many other standard numbers are included in this index)

Subject su: coffee and tea house+

Subject Headings, LC hl: biography

(only subject headings noted as US Library of Congress)

Subject Headings, LC Children’s Lit hc: parties

(only subject headings noted as US Library of Congress Children’s Literature)

Subject Headings, MESH hm: optometry

(only subject headings noted as MESH/US National Library of Medicine)

Subject Headings, NAL ha: fruit

(only subject headings noted as US National Library of Agriculture)

Subject Headings, Canadian he: photography (only subject headings noted as Canadian National Library in English)

Subject Headings, RVM hr: indiens

(only subject headings noted as Repertoire des vedettes-matiere [Canadian National Library in French])

Subject Headings, Sears hs: legends

(only subject headings noted as Sears)

Subject Headings, Other ho: fiction gsafd

(includes the MARC codes for the classification type indexed)

Title ti: music w3 british w3 enlightenment

Uniform Title ut: bible

Unique Serial Title tk: renew annual report

Univeral Decimal Class No. ud: 101-051

(use periods and hyphens)

Update Date up: 20080101

Year of Publication yr: 2010

Year 2 yy: 2010

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